Green Fund

LAG Capital Green Projects Fund

The LAG Capital Green Fund is our bold, exciting and innovative approach to providing solutions for the green, sustainable, environmental and social impact sector for both investors and project operators. 

Our passion is joining early and mature business’ on their journey. We don’t like being just a transactional business, but we are experts in helping to structure and fund asset backed investment opportunities in the sustainable and renewable energy, biofuels, hydrogen, agri-tech, vertical farming, aviation, gold and commodities spaces. These opportunities will be underpinned by strongly executed ideas, assets, prominent and diverse track records by sponsors, a clear exit strategy and directors guarantees ensuring securitization surrounds every transaction through the fund, whilst providing unique structuring opportunities.

The Green Projects Fund is aimed at providing capital funding, investment and financial solutions to projects across a number of sectors including (but not limited to):

Renewable Energy – Solar, Hydrogen, Hydro, Wind, Thermal
Green Mining & Mine Remediation – Gold, Silver, Precious Metals & Commodities
Sustainable Fuel Development – Bio-fuels, alternative products, synthetic products, mining technologies
Medical Sustainability – Medical Cannabis, sustainable products, natural innovation
Recycling Processes & Technologies – Food waste, waste to energy, tyre recycling, plastic and waste conversion
Agri-Tech Solutions & Innovation – Vertical Farming, agriculture, food security, supply chain technologies
Clean & Green Transportation & Supply Chain Technology – Hydrogen engines, fleet financing
Forestry – Wholistic forestry iniatives, building supply innovation, carbon credit iniatives

Our funding flexibility includes:

Debt Solutions
Equity Solutions
Structured Finance Solutions
Bank Guarantee Funding

We pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience and knowledge across capital funding, project development, analysis and risk mitigation and ensuring that all projects we touch, have the right people behind them and their vision at the forefront.

Our Director of Wholesale Funds, William Papargiris, would love to hear from any investors wishing to work with the fund, or any founders looking for funding solutions, so please feel free to reach out to him today!


If you are interested in investing in the LAG Australia Green Projects Fund 2, and would like a copy of our information memorandum, please fill out the contact form below and our Director of Wholesale Funds, William Papargiris will be in touch with you to discuss your interest, and send you a copy of the memorandum.


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    LAG is proud to support the SE Melbourne Phoenix, a basketball team striving not only for continued NBL success, but helping to build successful communities and the FijiLIFE Foundation, an Australia Fiji initiative to support medical, educational, and social improvements in the lives of Fijians and effective safe housing and family advancement in a clean and green environment.